To Know Him and Make Him Known

Jesus says that His church is to be in this world, but not of this world.   For many churches that means different things.  For us it means that, while remaining true to the teaching of God’s Word, we should, in our striving to be like Christ, be real, relevant, and relational in this world.

Real – Because we have a…
  • Real God who created us and saved us for the purpose of His glory;
  • Real authority for life which is written in the Word of God;
  • Real power from God’s Spirit living in us, and making a difference in us.
Relevant – Because we have a…
  • Relevant message that meets the needs of all people;
  • Relevant ministry that is designed to deliver that message in a variety of ways;
  • Relevant methodology that allows us to connect with our contemporary  culture.
Relational – Because we have a…
  • Relationship with God personally through His Son, Jesus Christ;
  • Relationship with each other corporately as members of His church;
  • Relationship with our world compassionately in Christian service to them.