To Know Him and Make Him Known

Just Step Out

Reading the Terms & Conditions

It’s easy to get into a relationship with God without realizing the implications of that decision.  We forget that we now have a new boss, a whole new identity, and a brand-new set of obligations to keep.  That moment of realization often is the moment of truth in our relationship with God – will we…

When God Says “Wait”

When God tells is to wait for something that we really want, it’s easy for us to conclude that God doesn’t really care about us and then launch a backup plan to get what we think God has denied us. These plans never end well and should drive us back to trust in God’s timing…

First Impressions

You can’t trust someone enough to step out in faith unless you know a little bit about who they are. That’s why God revealed himself to Abram (and to us) as the God who likes to recruit us to His team, who is clearly in charge, and who focuses on the future.

Life, Interrupted

God likes to interrupt our comfortable, familiar lives with crazy invitations to step out into the unknown with Him.  It’s easy to refuse and just protect our predictable pleasures, but if we do, we will be missing the miracle waiting for us out in the unknown.