To Know Him and Make Him Known

Sermons by Pastor Toby Locke

I joined the staff as lead pastor at First Baptist in March 2017 after nine years of ministry in Racine, Wisconsin as an associate pastor.  I grew up as the child of missionaries in South America, where I got to live among and learn from the beautiful people of Bolivia and Chile.  After high school I attended Baptist Bible College of PA (now Clarks Summit University) and graduated at long last in 1998 with a Pastoral Ministries degree.  After completing a two-year short term missionary assignment in Chile, I returned to Baptist Bible Seminary for my Master of Divinity, which God graciously enabled me to complete in 2007.  From there it was off to Rochester, New York for a year-long internship at North Baptist Church (now Northridge Church) before jumping into full-time vocational ministry at Fellowship Baptist Church in Racine in the fall of 2007.

The Last Battle

Before God’s happy ending for the world can come, the current dark spiritual forces that run the world must be dealt with.  The Story tells us that Jesus will return to our earth to do just that, justly making war with these forces and defeating them forever so that He can establish God’s rule over […]

The Only Way To Win

They way to insure that God’s Happy Ending for the world (the ultimate “win”) would happen was for the Messiah to lose his life.  The Old Testament prophesied it and Jesus experienced it.  His death freed his people from sin and brought them back to God.  And the final shocking plot-twist was that Jesus was […]