To Know Him and Make Him Known

Jim Kane

Personal Background
I came to First Baptist in August of 1974 to teach 6th grade. My ministry in the classroom soon expanded to Sunday School, Wednesday evening prayer time with Juniors, maintenance, and serving as a deacon. Having graduated from Baptist Bible College in Pennsylvania, but God nudged me to preparation for School Administration at Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary.

My responsibility includes both administration of Horseheads Christian School and primary subjects teacher to our fourth grade.

April and I were married after her second year at BBC. Together we reared two lovely daughters who have sought to follow the instruction from God’s Word and our home. They both live in Texas and have blessed us with five granddaughters and one grandson.




Q & A

Where were you born?
Binghamton, NY

What was your first job?
All around farm hand while in Junior and Senior high school

What is your favorite movie?
TV – Old videos of “The Lone Ranger”

What’s one thing you love about Horseheads?
Whenever God lead us away from Horseheads, we always missed the friends we meet in our church and through HCS.

What is your favorite food?
About anything but; asparagus, limas, and Mexican

What are you a fan of?
I have become a Yankee fan but not much of a follower of any one team.

What is a favorite passage of scripture?
The book of Nehemiah

Favorite Bible Teacher?
Pastor Finch, Dr. Jim Jeffery

Most mysterious thing about God?
That he would extend His love to me

Favorite place to go on vacation?
My backyard to work in the garden. Really, along the rocky coast of Chile.